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Where will my ads appear?

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The placement of your ads is determined by the audience you're looking to target

Where the ads are seen is the not as important as who is seeing them. Focus on the audience and less on what site or specific channel it was seen on.

Your audience is defined by the following:

  1. Location (Zip, City, State, etc.)
  2. Demographics (Age, Gender, etc.)
  3. Audience Segment (people who have a new pet, homes older than 10 years, etc.)
Tip: Only use two of these at a time for best results. Ex. Location + Audience or Location + Demographics

For example:

Say we're looking to advertise to people in Nashville, TN who are looking for a new car. We want to only show our ads to those people, wherever they are on the internet.

Internet Website Placement Examples

Display and Native ads have the potential to be seen on thousands of brand-safe sites. A few examples:

TV Channel Placement Examples

TV commercials may appear on a multitude of premium channels and niche programming

Billboard Company Examples

With access to 100% of the available inventory your ads can be seen on billboards owned by all the top vendors.

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