AdCritter's Effective Advertising Principles

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Advertising will grow your business if done right

Following these guidelines will set you up for advertising success.

1. Repetition

Almost no one calls a company the first time they see an ad. Rather, a person needs to see your ad enough times that they later remember you at the moment they want what you are offering.

In general, people need to see an ad 7-20 times before they take action

2. Saturation

It is better for a smaller group of people to see your ad several times over a given period of time than for a large group of people to see your ad once or twice. Also, geographic saturation (given enough time) can also be used for attribution purposes...

Shoot for reaching at least 80% of your target audience while following also following the rule of repetition

3. Twelve-Eighteen

Advertising is a game of longevity and consistency. For smaller budget campaigns, it takes 6 to 12 months to begin seeing results and 12 to 18 months for significant, profitable results. That’s why we recommend 18 month campaign plans, updated quarterly.

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Adcritter's Effective Advertising Principles

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Common Mistakes:

These are real issues we see all the time that result in businesses assuming AdCritter and/or advertising in general doesn't work.

Running a 1 month test to see if "it" works
Campaigns need to run for at least 6 months in the vast majority of cases to start seeing visible lift. Stopping too soon is simply wasting your money.

Targeting the entire United States w/ a $70 weekly budget
You may have a potential national customer base but if you spread yourself too thin you won't see any benefits. A $70 budget will be most effective targeting a single zip code, maybe two.

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