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The entire team at AdCritter is dedicated to helping you create and manage effective advertising campaigns that help your business grow. We know advertising is a long-term game, and we are here to help you at each step along the way.


About the Help Center

We have organized the Help Center into sections that can help you get started and also learn about each and every detailed feature in the platform.

If you are just getting started, take a look at the sections on Targeted TV, Internet and Digital Billboards to get an overall sense for how AdCritter works.

Then, as you become more familiar, you can use the Complete Documentation section to dig in and learn how to use all of the features of the platform to make your advertising efforts simply amazing.


Take Things to the Next Level with Advertising Consulting (it's free!)

One of the huge benefits of using AdCritter is having access to your own Advertising Consultant. These are full-time members of our team who are experts in planning advertising. You will get a strategic 18-month plan that helps you proceed with great confidence.



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